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What's Happening in Room 18

Hello Families,  I am so happy to have met all my new scholars and look forward to learning about their interests, concerns and how they might want to change the world.

I have been busy taking classes this summer on invention education from MIT. We will look for ways to solve problems through invention, this year. Scholars, I hope you like engineering and building things. Maybe you like to taking things apart to see how they work? Everyone will get a chance to design, plan, and render ideas including writing, testing, and making things that work; if they don't work, a prototype will suffice. Below, see pictures of projects from the classroom in recent years that we will plan and do this year. Happy 2021-22 school year, Mrs. Straub

Releasing baby trout into Quarry Lakes, Fremont, CA.

Mrs. Straub at Quarry Lakes
Mrs. Straub 

Mrs. Straub 

Trout-in-the-Classroom, small fry trout.

Baby trout