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Overview & Schedule


I am thrilled to return to Vallejo Mill as a first grade teacher! 

I have a California Clear Credential and an M.S. in Elementary Education.  I received GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Certification. I use GLAD units in both social studies and science. 

I also have additional training in Orton-Gillingham reading intervention.  I am both the Lexia  and SST (Student Study Team) lead teacher. 

I give ice cream incentives on Friday for all first and second grade students who reach Lexia or iStation usage goals.   I strongly believe that early intervention is the key to literacy and school success. This includes offering up to two hours a week of MTSS intervention for all of first grade.   I focus on those students who are not reaching their full potential and helping them catch up to meet or surpass grade level expectations! 

I have worked in both high performing public schools (Evergreen and Cypress School Districts) and a private school (Stellar Academy).

I grew up in Wisconsin where I primarily attended Catholic school.  I have two younger brothers.  One is a high school teacher and the other is married to a teacher!  

My husband grew up in Hayward and I met him while we were in graduate school.  He is a graduate of Logan H.S. He is a medical physicist who works for Kaiser Permanente.   I have a 16 year old daughter who learns differently and was a reluctant reader.  She shines in science and placed second in the Alameda Co. Science Fair. She is a junior at Irvington High School.

I use many multi-sensory methods in my teaching.  Students sing songs, chant, watch videos, and read daily.  Movement is an important component as well.  Phonemic awareness is reinforced with large tracing patterns, slate boards, and chanting.  Math is taught in table groups with daily routines, manipulatives, and drawing proofs.

Students have daily free choice time to do math, language arts, and science at their level.  In addition, English-language learners are given small group help in writing, speaking, and listening.

I look forward to an exciting, productive school year.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns on Class Dojo or at:

Daily Schedule

Grade One (Room 4)

Time Event
8:25am First bell
8:30am Late bell
8:30-8:40am Attendance and lunch count
8:40-9:00am Morning community routines
9:00-9:20am Phonemic awareness or spelling word practice (Lexia in the classroom on Wednesdays)
9:20-9:40am Benchmark Readers' Workshop
9:40-10:05am Benchmark Writers' Workshop
10:05-10:20am Recess (bathroom, water, snack time)
10:20-10:40am Math Expressions routines (on carpet)
10:40-11:00am Group math practice (at desk)
11:00-11:20am Math Expressions workbook and student reteaching
11:20am-11:50am Science lab (M-Th), P.E. (T, F), Computers(W)
11:50am-12:40pm Lunch and recess
12:40-1:00pm Teacher or student reading (on carpet)  (Wed. dismissal at 1:15pm)
1:00-1:50pm Rotation free choices (small group intervention with Mrs. Rezentes)
1:50-2:00pm Recess
2:00-2:20pm Science or Social Studies (Art on Friday)
2:20-2:45pm Read aloud with partner (Art on Friday)
2:45-2:55pm Clean up room or desk
2:55pm Dismissal (except Wed. at 1:15pm)